John Uiterwyk

I am a software engineer, data engineer, solution architect, and development manager.

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I combine over a decade of professional and business experience building and delivering software projects, with an insatiable hunger for learning, and a passion for technology.

I am a polyglot. I have delivered solutions across numerous programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Bash, C#, C++, PHP, and Java. I have several years experience managing cloud platform deployments using services such as AWS, Heroku, and Google App Engine. I have lead the specification, design, development, deployment, and support of dozens of software projects. I have extensive experience with each stage of the software development lifecycle and has worked directly with a wide variety of clients to understand their business needs and deliver robust solutions.

I have built teams, defined development processes, and successfully lead numerous development projects that leveraged modern tools, frameworks, and technologies.

I am currently implementing scalable big data infrastructure, processing, and analytics using open source frameworks including Kubernetes, Spark, and Presto, for a national telecommunications project. My current research interest is in scaling machine learning models for real time anomoly detection in time series data streams.