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About Me

My name is John Uiterwyk. I am a software engineer living in Melbourne, Australia.

I excel at delivering elegant solutions to complex challenges using leading-edge technologies and industry best practices, processes, and tools. With over a decade of experience across a wide range of technology projects, I have demonstrated broad and in-depth knowledge of the information technology industry and a commitment to professionalism, and have proven my ability to consistently deliver high quality innovative results. I combine my robust software engineering knowledge and skill with an intuitive understanding of engaging user experience to craft innovative and compelling solutions for museums, educational institutions, and corporate clients.
I began my career as a web application developer, working closely with numerous small business clients, delivering reliable web solutions. After immigrating to Australia, I joined Kaleidio Communication Design to help create the Siemens Innovation Forum, a leading-edge visitor centre installation that combined a multi-screen video experience with multi-player touch screen interactives.
In the following years, working with Kaleidio and later as an independent contract software engineer, I consistently delivered numerous compelling integrated digital experiences and web applications for museums, visitor centres, educational institutions, and corporate clients. During this period, I gained extensive experience leading teams of developers and working through all stages of the software development and project lifecycle.
More recently, I joined Penso, a global digital agency, as Head of Technology where I led the scoping, development, deployment, and support of all digital projects for numerous high profile local and global clients. I was a key figure in growing the company from a startup of 3 to high performing team of over 20 people within 18 months. My responsibilities included defining and implementing new processes, identifying and rolling out new tools across the business, building and leading project specific teams of developers, working closely with clients to define requirements and needs, and identifying and communicating industry best practices.
Currently John provides consultation and development services as a contract senior software engineer where he leverages his many years of experience to deliver elegant solutions to complex challenges.

While software development and new technology are my primary passions, I also have a deep passion for travel and long distance hiking in remote locations.  I crave the experience of new cultures, foods, faces, landscapes, and ideas.  I’ve walked hundreds of kilometers through the Swiss Alps, the Nepali Himalayas, the foothills of Darjeeling , and the Australian bush. I’ve logged over 30 open water dives. I’ve seen almost every movie on the imdb top 250 and every half decent science fiction movie ever made.  And I’m a pretty darn good cook.