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StoryShare Interactive

“Story Share” is a video recording kiosk I developed for the Defence of Darwin Museum.  This interactive called for an easy to use kiosk that recorded video in HD using an attached camera, compressed the video on the fly, tagged the video file with meta data, and then copied it to a usb stick which the museum would swap out regularly.

I decided to write the software for this interactive in C# in Visual Studio using .NET 4. The UI was developed using WPF and the video recording capabilities where achieved using the Microsoft Expressions Encoder SDK.

The user is presented with a live preview while video is captured. The recorded video is converted on the fly to WMV format, meta data is added to the file using information entered by the user through an on screen keyboard, and then the completed file is copied in the background to a usb stick using a separate thread.  The application is configured to run at startup in fullscreen mode.