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Kiosk Trade Training Centre

The system I develop for KIOSC was a multi-user interactive installation.

The system is comprised of nine networked computers running a custom .NET application, an Apache web server instance (running on one of the nine computers), and a number of iPads running html5 web applications. The custom application is comprised of a  .NET application that makes use of the WCF framework, WMV encoded video, Flash interactives, and still images.

Eight computers each run a single instance of the custom application in “Client” mode and display either video or flash interactives. An additional computer runs the custom application in “Director” mode, coordinating the activity on the other eight computers.The Clients and Director communicate using TCP.

The system includes two web applications. Each web application is a single page application that uses HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The web applications communicate with .NET application using Javascript XMLHttpRequests.

The system can switch between a Flash game mode which integrates with the iPad web applications and a synchronized video mode.

The synchronized video mode is capable of playing HD videos using WPF on eight separate computers synchronized to within one frame of each other.  This synchronization is achieved using messaging via WCF and a custom implementation of the Precision Time Protocol.

I designed and implemented the software solution for this system entirely by myself.

Update 02-2013:
I uploaded a testing version of an interactive idle mode I created for when the system is not in use.

This testing version is simulating 8 different terminals and is designed for touch, but it demonstrates my capabilities. This interactive itself is actually a distributed physics simulation using the Box2D library and runs on 8 different computers. Click and drag the swirl in the middle of the word “Kiosc” to throw a ball. The bottom four squares are individual touch screens and the top rectangle is non interactive and is spread across four projectors (each running from a different pc). Please note this is development version for debugging purposes and has not gone through extensive testing for delivery over the web.