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Siemens Portable Innovation Forum

I developed a touch screen kiosk application that was designed to be modular. The kiosk either runs in standalone mode, or if it is connected via a network, it is capable of operating as a single multi screened system. The kiosk application included a digital signage component, a physics based interactive idle “attract” mode, and a case study library.

I also developed a touch screen driven content management system for the kiosk. The application utilized a C# .NET application using SQLite for local database storage and a Flash Actionscript driven interface. Working with a graphic designer I developed a user interface that was intuitive and required no training.  Different Siemens staff  would take the kiosk to exhibitions and we enabled them to add, remove, and reorder content without previous training. The interface was integrated into the exisiting end user kiosk interface as an admin mode.